Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday too You!

Mason first and Bradley's last Pinewood Derby. Grandpa Brad helped Mason this year and Uncle James helped Bradley. Mason got 2nd place and Bradley got 3rd. They both felt so special and were super excited. Thanks Grandpa and Uncle James, I'm sure you made Brian proud.

Bradley's TEN! We had a fun day, he went swimming with his cousins and ate out at Costa Vida for dinner. I think Bradley had a fun day, I can't believe how grown up he is becoming. He is a good boy, and I'm so lucky to have him here with me.

Erika's FOUR! This year she wanted a Fancy Nancy Party. All her friends came in their fancy clothes we played games, colored, ate fancy food and painted toes nails. It was so fun and so sweet. Later Grandma and Grandpa came and they came to the Nickel Cade with us and then ate Chinese. It was a fun packed day. I love my little Princess.

Mason is EIGHT! It's great to be eight, I can't believe how time has flown. Mason has been counting the days until he'd be eight. It was an awesome morning. He got his favorite breakfast Crepes and he picked out his own home cooked dinner. Grilled Chicken, fancy rice and salad. He also wanted Mint brownies for his dessert and mint ice-cream. I think Mason had a special day, and he can't wait for his Baptism. I love my Mason, I'm so thankful he belongs to me.

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  1. Seeing these photos makes me miss you and your cute kids a ton more! Thanks for posting these I can't believe how they have all grown so much already!