Saturday, March 2, 2013

Warning this is a long one...

I'm so behind on my updates, I'll try my best to catch up.

So Christmas came and went. It was a fun year, on the 23rd of December I started an Ames Finnish tradition in my home. I made a nice dinner and served a Special Finnish dish of Rice pudding with a one lucky almond.  It is said that whoever gets the almond in their serving gets to make a wish.  Erika said she got it and ate it but, we were all pretty sure she didn't but, we let her take the credit. I've decided to make a smaller batch next year. After dinner we did Sauna together and afterward the boys ran and jumped in the snow. Then we ate Pulla which I made by myself for the very first time. I have to say it turned out well. Then instead of going to a cemetery and putting a candle on the grave of our  loved ones we lit a candle an talked about ones who have past mainly my Mummo. The boys loved our new family tradition and can't wait for next year.

The 24th of December we went to Grandma Sargents for a yummy Christmas dinner. The kids also got to hear the" Twas the Night before Christmas" told by Grandpa, and also had a surprise, Santa came.  All the grandkids acted out the Nativity as they do every year and then got to open their new pj's from Grandma. Christmas morning was great, the kids were happy and excited. Mason got a tool set for Christmas and was dying to make something so Brian took him down to the basement and helped Mason create a night stand and a race car track. Bradley and Erika and I went a built a Snowman. It was a fun Christmas. We're so grateful for the Savior hands in our lives.

New Year Day we invited family to come down to Payson and go sledding  with us. Afterward we came back to our house and ate and let the cousins do Sauna. That night I started another tradition for our little family. We all wrote down on paper things we wanted to work on personally for the new year. I put all their resolutions in the balloons and and at midnight we'll this year about 9pm. We popped them and then tried to guess each others resolutions, kinda fun.

Brian and I celebrated our 12 of marriage with my oldest brother Rodney and his wife Kim. We actually share the same anniversary. So this year we decided and planned to go on a Cruise on the Royal Caribbean. We went to the Cayman Island, Jamaica and Haiti. It was so wonderful fun and relaxing. We had an awesome ship to play and relax on, plenty of yummy food to eat all the time. Kim and Rodney were a blast to be with. We got to go snorkeling, fish swam right up to my face thanks to the guides throwing fish at my head. It kinda freaked me out, but I'd do it again. We went on a relaxing bamboo rafting trip saw and learned about so many herbs that grow in Jamaica. Rodney and I collected seashells together. We saw some wonderful shows musicals and comedies. I climbed a rock wall, sorry no pictures. We ate, yummy Lobster tail and Steak. It was so fun to hang out relax and create memories. So happy to have the opportunity to go, so sad to hear that all my kids were sick while I was gone. I'm so grateful for MaryLouise and Brad that always offer to take our kids letting us have a chance to get away. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such great examples in my life.


  1. Wow, what a post!
    First off, I loved all of your holiday tradition ideas. The sauna and snow dip, the pulla and candles/remembrance on Christmas Eve , the New Year's balloon pop. You are such a creative mom, I am totally stealing some of these :)
    Secondly, what a fun time on the cruise. While I love the family reunions, I think you get to spend more quality time together when it is a smaller group... maybe our families could plan a disney cruise sometime and the kids could come too!

  2. Hi Amelia! It is fun to read your blog and see how you and your family are doing!

    1. Hi Emily it's so great to hear from you. How's life going for you? I was thinking of you the other day, remember how silly we'd get dancing around doing hair. makes me smile every time thinking about it. I miss you my friend. Keep in touch!!