Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Nutcracker trip, to Missouri

Erika and I had a chance to fly out to Missouri for a quick weekend visit. This year was Grandma Ames 25th Year of Directing the Nutcracker ballet. I surprised my parents and went to watch. It was a wonderful performance. All three daughters were there to recognize her last year, which was special for her. I got to see Spencer my brother kids perform. Lillie as Clara and Davis as Fritz I also got to see my Dad perform as Droselmier maybe for the last time, Alycia, Maija, Miikel, Matias, Miila and Jacob perform it was really neat. While I was in Missouri I had a chance to visit with siblings, Rodney, Kim, My niece Jessica, Anton, Katriina, Shane, Amy,Spencer, Sarah and Patrick. I also got to see my good friend Jessica Johnson and her daughter Avery. It was nice to go back and visit, it meant so much to me. I'm so lucky to have such great people apart of my life.

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