Monday, July 27, 2009

Bradley's 6th Birthday!

Bradley couldn't wait to turn six this year. We decided to give him a gift card at Wal-mart. Bradley wanted one so bad, (he wanted his own credit card) he was thrilled when he opened the envelope. After he opened his gift we took him shopping it was so fun watching him spend his money. He bought a couple PokeMon Dvd's and a mini Lego toy. He decided to save the rest of his money for another day. Afterwards we told him he could pick whatever he wanted to do and eat. He chose to go take McDonalds to go and go home and watch his movies. The next morning we got up early and drove to Bear Lake. Grandpa Brad has been remodeling his cabin and finally we could go to help. We worked all day and we got alot done. We got home very late Saturday night. Sunday after church we got ready for Bradley's family party. We cooked Lasanga and made breadsticks. I made Bradley a SpongeBob cake at his request. Finallly our guests arrived. Bradley has so much fun with his cousins around. It was a great party! I'm so happy Bradley is apart of our little family. He has a wonderful happy go lucky personality that brings us so much joy.


  1. I LOVE that he wanted a credit card for his birthday. That is so funny! Hey, and the backyard looks awesome.

  2. Oh how fun! I can't believe he is six. You have the cutest little boys, and we are very excited for you to have a little girl.