Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009 has been a fun one for our family. Let's start out with the month of...

January- Yeah! We find out we're pregnant with our third child. We also spent a few Saturdays tubing with family.

February- Brian and I decide to go to Las Vegas to celebrate our 8th year of marriage. We attended a magic show, walked the streets of Vegas, and had a nice relaxing weekend without the boys. We also decided to introduce rock to our children through the game rock band.

March- Yikes! We had a rude awakening to kids cost for dental work. Bradley had to get 7 teeth pulled, along with some caps and spacers put in. Poor Bradley, it was a great day of pain for us all. He is doing well now, he is proud that he has learned how to whistle. He still has the cutest smile ever! Mason is also doing great. He is finally potty training and doing quite well.

April- We found out we're having our first girl! Bradley and Mason went on their first Easter Egg Hunt in the rain, they also got their first church suits and ties. Brain and I, and some friends decide to take a trip to Baltimore. We had a wonderful time, we took a tour of a submarine, tried some delicious seafood and I discovered my love for lobster tail. We went to Washington D.C. visited the sites, we gained more of an appreciation for our country. When we returned we had the chance to spend some time with my oldest nephew Alex, before he went into the MTC. He's serving in the SLCS mission, we're happy he's close to us. I also found out that my little brother is having his first baby and it's a girl! I also had my last ballet recital for Liberty Academy.

May- We're now gettiing our nursery put together, I'm excited to paint pink. We're preparing for Bradley's kindergarten graduation. Brian has decided to build a shed so now we're rearranging our backyard. We're moving our play set and adding a trampoline to the other side of the yard. We're also going to be putting in some garden boxes. I'm very excited, although I'm not sure this year we'll have that great of a garden. I found out that my older brother Aaron is moving to Utah. I get to take a trip with all the Sargent girls to New York City. We are planning on seeing some Broadway musicals, Wicked, Mary Poppins and Phantom of the Opera. We 're excited for a busy summer ahead.

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